Industry includes production of malt for brewing. The English Civil War.

Aphra Behn

Behn’s life is thought to have begun in 1640 in Kent. It is argued Harbledown was the likely place she was born; however, like much of her life, this is difficult to confirm.

William Harvey

Physician who contributed to the study of anatomy and physiology, advancing knowledge about the circulation of the blood.

Robert Plot

Naturalist and chemist, Plot was born at Borden in Kent.

Plum Pudding Riots

A riotous time in Canterbury on Christmas Day, 1647.

Sheppey at War

The Island of Sheppey was at the centre of the famous Medway attack during the Anglo Dutch War (c.1664-1667).

Sir Cloudesley Shovell

Rear Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet, and also MP for Rochester, Sir Cloudesley Shovell, had homes in Crayford and West Street, near Northbourne.

John Tradescant the Younger

Botanist and gardener, John Tradescant the Younger was born at Meopham and educated at the King's School, Canterbury.

John Wallis

Mathematician and cryptographer, Wallis is known for his pioneering work in infinitesimal calculus.