Queen, Empress of India, writer. Her father was the Duke of Kent.

Stayed at Ramsgate in Albion House 29 Sept 1835 – 11th Jan 1836 with her mother.

Stayed again 30th Sept 1836 – 29 Nov 1836 in West Cliff including overnight stay at an inn in Rochester.

Visited Dover with Albert and two children and stays at Walmer Castle (10th Nov 1842 – 3rd Dec 1842).

Visited Military Hospital in Chatham 1855 and 1856 (day trips).

She wrote a detailed diary throughout her life of which 141 volumes survive, numbering 43,765 pages.

As a young Princess, Victoria enjoyed several holidays in Ramsgate, first visiting the town in 1823 at the age of four. She particularly enjoyed walks along the pier and watching the ships in the harbour. Twelve years later, she stayed at Albion House with her mother and visited Broadstairs, Margate and Canterbury. She returned in the autumn of that year, staying at West Cliff House on this occasion and had an overnight stay at an inn in Rochester.

Later, Victoria, Albert and their two young children stayed at the Duke of Wellington’s residence, Walmer Castle. The couple also visited wounded military personnel in Chatham.

This article was published: 25 April 2021.


Queen Victoria’s Journals
The Letters of Queen Victoria (published 1907)