Designed maps of Kent and North East Kent, sold by Salmon Postcards from 1964-5.
Marian Fielding Peck (always known as Maisie ) was born in Derbyshire in 1897 and attended Cheltenham Ladies College, where her love of art began. She started painting seriously in the 1920s and, as well as the beginnings of her map designs, she also specialised in calligraphy and miniatures, some of which were exhibited at the Royal Academy.

In 1939 she moved to Smallburgh in Norfolk to be close to her family and she lived there for the rest of her life, devoting more time to art, including greeting cards and maps. She used an agency in London to sell her work, and it was this agency which J Salmon Ltd approached in 1953 to suggest an artist to work on a series of map cards covering areas of Britain. This was the start of a collaboration which resulted in a total of 61 map cards being produced over the next couple of decades - these cards featured county maps, as well as scenic areas, cities, rivers and canals. Sadly Marian Peck died in a car accident in 1974.