Botanists, chemists and naturalists abound in the beautiful garden of England.

Anna Atkins

Botanist and photographer, Anna Atkins, was born in Tonbridge, the daughter of scientist John George Children (1777-1852).

John Boys

John Boys, agriculturalist, was well known for his breed of South Down sheep.

Charles Darwin

Darwin wrote over a dozen science books and a handful of important monographs, many based on observations and experiments undertaken in his house and gardens in Kent.

Leonard and Thomas Digges

Father and son who were learned mathematicians in Kent in the sixteenth century.

William Harvey

Physician who contributed to the study of anatomy and physiology, advancing knowledge about the circulation of the blood.

Anna Maria Hussey

Mycologist, writer and illustrator who enjoyed a holiday in Dover.

Walter James

Inventor of organic farming

John Edensor Littlewood

Mathematician born in Rochester and known for his work on analysis, number theory, and differential equations.

Robert Plot

Naturalist and chemist, Plot was born at Borden in Kent.

John Tradescant the Younger

Botanist and gardener, John Tradescant the Younger was born at Meopham and educated at the King's School, Canterbury.

John Wallis

Mathematician and cryptographer, Wallis is known for his pioneering work in infinitesimal calculus.