The Kentish coast, the Straits of Dover and the Goodwin Sands have inspired authors and artists throughout the centuries.

Seaside Resorts

As the fashionable ‘water cure’ of spas such as Bath and Tunbridge Wells moved coastwards in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, so a number of obscure Kentish fishing villages reinvented themselves as seaside resorts.

Richborough: The Secret Port

Built in secret, the old Roman port of Richborough, was chosen for redevelopment during the first world war to supply the army for its 'last stand'.

Sir John Franklin

On the 19 May 1845 H. M. sloops "Erebus" and "Terror" left Greenhithe, on their attempt “to penetrate the icy fastnesses of the north", and to circumnavigate America.

The Shivering Sands

The Goodwin Sands provide an atmospheric backdrop to this shocking tale of crime, mystery and romance written by Victoria Holt and published in 1969.

The Goodwin Sands

The Goodwin Sands ‘whence floating lights perpetually wink after dark, as if they were carrying on intrigues with the servants'.

Deal by the sea

The town of Deal first developed a mile or so inland. But in seventeenth century “Lower Deal”, a network of streets running north of Deal Castle, began to call the shots.